Power Your Home With Renewable Energy
Power Your Home With Renewable Energy
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Hassle Free Installation
Hassle Free Installation
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Reduce Carbon Footprint For Better Lifestyle
Reduce Carbon Footprint For Better Lifestyle
we help you to save environment


Suntech Solar Solutions specialize in installing clean energy system for customer both residential and commercial. We are small group of company which gives full attention towards their client needs and satisfaction. We take care of everything for customers from designing, permitting, installing to running the system. Suntech Solar Solutions helps customer to take control of their rising hydro cost by installing renewable solar system. Our focus is to help customer reduce carbon foot print and contribute towards environmental friendly atmosphere.

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Grid Tie System

Grid Tie with Battery Backup

Off Grid System

Electric Vehicle Charging


How we work

We work with customer from the beginning till the projects end. Our step to step process is listed below.

Initial assessment

First thing we would like to understand your need and any budget in your mind. At this stage we will like to find out your household power consumption to find out what system size would be good for you.

Site Assessment

We do a site assessment to take measurements of roof (excluding any roof vents, fire place and skylight), electrical system capacity and shading analysis to find any shades which can affect Solar panel capacity. If it is a new house we can work with Architectural drawings.

Designing the system

Our team will design the system based on roof space, structural design, electrical design and your household consumption.


We will apply all your permits such as building, electrical and any other permits needed.

Installation and Commissioning

We will install and run the system and approve all the inspection along with installing monitoring system to monitor your daily usage.

Myths and Facts about Solar


Although not as effective as on a sunny day, producing 10-25% of its regular capacity, solar energy can still be converted on a cloudy day. Canada has more than 30% higher solar source as compared to Germany but still , is the world’s top solar panel installer, producing 31% of the world’s renewable energy.


The price of solar power has been rapidly decreasing through the years, which is one of the reasons why over 60% of the United States’ solar panels were built in the past 3 years.


The only maintenance needed is to clean the panels from dust or any shading ( like leaves etc) but the way BC weather we get rain’s it get clean by itself, so it need very less or no maintenance.


Suntech Solar is Awesome!

"I am very pleased I chose Suntech Solar. Each question and concern has been answered to my complete satisfaction. Thanks to the entire Suntech Solar team who helped me lower my high cost of electricity." - Param

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