Can I make money from Solar System

With Grid Tie you can sell over generating electricity back to BC hydro for $0.10 per KW. Secondly, Solar system is good for 30-35 years which means you can save money in a long period of time as Hydro prices keep increasing every year.


Do we have enough Sun in BC

BC gets more Sun as compared to other countries such as germany, Japan which means more renewable energy.


How much the system costs

The cost of the system varies based on the type of roof, type of pitch , level of solar radiance and availability of roof. Please contact us for free no obligation quote and site assessment to understand how big system you need.


What does site assessment means

Intially we will get all the information such as your Hydro bill to understand your household consumption and later we will visit site to do shading and roof analysis and walk you through the whole process keeping your budget in mind.


How can I get free site assessment

You can contact us at +1 778.709.3873, +1 778.887.0645 or email us at


How soon I can get my investment back

As the electricity rate increases every year , the return of investment keep getting shorter. Your dependent on Hydro get lesser along with the future increase of electricity. The average return of investment is between 9-11 years depending on different factors. For detail site assessment please click here. With the Hydro Price increases every year the investment can be sooner as well. Click here to see the rate increase of Hydro.


Does it increase the value of my property

With the increase in awareness towards green energy along with the contribution of govt and municipalities towards green environment increases the value of home. Recent studies show that people ready to pay more for a property with Solar system.